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I Want Time to Do My Work

By Heir Law Forum |

I don’t want to put heir finders out of business (unless they are involved in criminal activity). I want time to do my work finding heirs before they jump in front of me and take 30-50% of the inheritance. If I am unable to find the heirs I appreciate the involvement but the percentage… Read More »

The Heir Hunters Will Find The Heirs Before We Can!

By Heir Law Forum |

When we file an intestate estate in a probate court and our pleadings provide any indication that there are either no known heirs or heirs who are no more closely related than aunts, uncles or cousins then we should be aware that before we can find the heirs (or additional heirs) heir hunters will probably be able to find them first. While we’re busy attending to our… Read More »

Welcome To The Heir Law Forum!

By Heir Law Forum |

Our community of probate professionals are dedicated to appropriate action resulting in effective solutions to the serious problems affecting determination of heirship proceedings and proper notice to beneficiaries, devisees and heirs. Here you will find valuable information in articles and postings, all at no cost to you and without further obligation. We encourage your participation in our… Read More »

The Problem With Heir Hunters Is They Charge Percentage-based Fees, Right?

By Heir Law Forum |

Much has been written that would lead us to believe that the problem with heir hunters is that they charge percentage-based fees to the heirs. Is that right? It is the opinion of this writer that the problem we should be concerned with is that administrators are not permitted a reasonable period of time to account for heirs before… Read More »


By Heir Law Forum |

As administrators we are held accountable with respect to performance of our duties, including exercising due diligence in a reasonable effort to properly notice all the heirs. It is important to recognize that heir hunters who operate without our authority are not accountable to either us or the Court. Their only duty is to collect monies for those persons who have signed their percentage-based… Read More »

Experience Has Taught Us…

By Heir Law Forum |

For generations courts have been concerned with “heir hunters” whose controversial business practices are the subject of critical scrutiny. As soon as estates are filed where pleadings reflect that heirs may be either missing or unknown, then the heir hunters race to find the heirs before they are contacted by the administrator or anyone else who may be… Read More »

What Can We Accomplish?

By Heir Law Forum |

The heir hunting industry is organized, well funded and armed with lawyers and lobbyists. They’ve taken action at the expense of the heirs and against our best interests. We need to organize here and act now! If this subject is of concern to you, please participate in this forum. Advice, comments, opinions, etc. may… Read More »

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