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What Can We Accomplish?

The heir hunting industry is organized, well funded and armed with lawyers and lobbyists. They’ve taken action at the expense of the heirs and against our best interests. We need to organize here and act now!

If this subject is of concern to you, please participate in this forum. Advice, comments, opinions, etc. may be openly shared on a topic that to a great extent has been shrouded in secrecy.

Many administrators and other fiduciaries are aware that a large problem exists in the form of unauthorized heir hunters.  However, most do not realize that there are actually several serious problems that can result from heir hunters interference in their cases. Once we all have a complete understanding of those problems and the available remedies, then we can immediately employ proven solutions on a case by case basis while we all work together toward long-term preventative measures.

Join our rallying cry for action!

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